Publisher Benefits

CoverStand is the perfect tool for publishers to reach new readers through the web and take advantage of explosive growth in the creation and availability of digital editions and online content. Advances in digital software, improvements in the size and quality of monitors, and increases in the speed and mobility of the Internet have all combined to create a more enjoyable experience for the digital edition reader. CoverStand can now help publishers put their publications a click away from interested readers.

Including your publication on CoverStand is easy. CoverStand is free for all publishers regardless of digital provider. Publishers simply need to register with CoverStand and then provide CoverStand with some basic information about the publication, a cover thumb of the publication, and a link to the digital edition or a fulfillment page. BlueToad digital edition clients can include and manage their publications on CoverStand through their BlueToad dashboard.

Using CoverStand, publishers can direct readers to their website, display archives, sell subscriptions, and, in the near future, even sell advertising space alongside their publication. CoverStand provides publishers with the ability to track the number of publication views they receive through CoverStand. Publishers can also upgrade publication placement to featured carousels for an additional cost. For more information on placement upgrades please email

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