Reader Benefits

CoverStand is a free website designed to connect readers with publications. CoverStand allows readers to easily search or browse its extensive library of titles, which are conveniently organized by type, category, frequency, geography, and language. Publications on CoverStand are typically available as digital editions, but are sometimes only available in paper form.

Digital editions are enhanced, online publications that often use Flash-based, page-flip technology to simulate the look and feel of traditional paper publications. Using the animation features of Flash, the pages of your online digital edition can be flipped or dragged just like a paper publication from one side of the screen to the other.

Digital editions importantly maintain the formatting and lush design sense of the printed material, but go a step further by offering significant enhancements like increased flexibility, interactivity and rich media features. Digital editions often contain hyperlinked urls, email addresses, and page links, as well as video, audio, flash animation, and more.

Readers will find both free and subscription based publications on CoverStand. All subscription fees are determined and collected by the publisher. CoverStand itself does not charge readers for using its website to locate publications.

While not required, Readers may register with CoverStand to maintain a list of their favorite publications and soon to receive email alerts when new issues of their favorite publications are released.

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