Archie Comics

Publisher Name: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Publication Type: Other
Issue: Betty & Veronica #265
Date: Apr 10, 2013
Betty and the Beast If Veronica can't have Archie, no one can! Prince Archie has been cursed into beast-form by Enchantress Veronica who saw no love in his heart for her. There is, however, a loophole to the spell: if another falls for Archie by his 21st birthday, the curse will be lifted! Otherwise, he'll remain a beast for eternity. Just when it seems all hope is lost, along comes a romantic contender named Betty. Could she be the one? Will the spell be broken at long last? Not if Enchantress Veronica has anything to say about it!
Frequency: Monthly
Subscription: Paid
iPhone Compatible: Yes