New Jersey Business

Publisher Name: New Jersey Business
Publication Type: Magazines
Category: Business & Finance
Issue: August 2014
Date: Jul 18, 2014
THE EMPLOYMENT SCENARIO Beginning on page 26, Contributing Writer Colleen O’Dea asks the question: “Are Employee Benefits Making a Comeback?” The collective response by the employment lawyers she interviewed is: Hardly. Our Top 100 Employers listing and related article follows on page 28. Compiled by Assistant Editor Anthony Bucci, this year’s ranking of private-sector companies with 1,000 or more employees reveals a total of 502,568 jobs, a decrease of 1,523 compared with last year’s total. Contributing Writer Jennifer L. Nelson brings us “The Value of the MBA” on page 38. Complementing this higher education article is Managing Editor George Saliba’s feature, “The Growth of Workforce Development,” which appears on page 46. On page 51 is a feature story on how executive search and placement firms are assisting clients with locating difficult-to-find, highly qualified candidates. Additional articles in the August magazine include "Bankers Notice a Shift in Business Activities" on page 54. We also feature our Trade-Talk Roundtable, with the New Jersey Hospital Association beginning on page 59. Finally, we have a special section beginning on page 71, "C-Suite Leadership," where corporate leaders write about their background and the formula for success. We hope you enjoy this issue.
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