New Jersey Business

Publisher Name: New Jersey Business
Publication Type: Magazines
Category: Business & Finance
Issue: June 2014
Date: May 20, 2014
In the June issue of New Jersey Business magazine, we salute the wonders of high technology and the R&D being born in our own backyard with our blockbuster Innovative State issue. This issue also features the New Jersey Business & Industry Association’s “Vision for a Better Business Climate.” This special report outlines NJBIA’s policy objectives in 12 different issue areas. Beginning with an introduction on page 67, we also present the 12 winners of NJBIA’s and this magazine’s 54th annual New Good Neighbor Awards, which salute firms that have, in the last two years, contributed to the economic value of their communities by constructing new buildings or investing in noteworthy improvement projects. Finally, we have a special section written by the New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO), with a focus on the award-winning transformation of New Brunswick into a sought-after urban community. We hope you enjoy this issue.
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