New Jersey Business

Publisher Name: New Jersey Business
Publication Type: Magazines
Category: Business & Finance
Issue: April 2014
Date: Mar 20, 2014
New Jersey is unlike many other states in the nation in that it does not have vast amounts of open land that can be used for greenfield solar developments. Therefore, in our cover story, "From Landfills to Solar Fields," we speak with a number of companies about brownfields/landfill projects that are already built, and those that are underway. You will also find our next installment of our quarterly Trade-Talk Roundtable discussions in which we sit down with leading attorneys in the state, at New Jersey State Bar Association. Additional feature articles include our Annual Industrial Real Estate Review, along with a spotlight on the City of Newark. April also has our Annual NJ Hospital Association Special Section. We hope you enjoy this issue of NEW JERSEY BUSINESS magazine.
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